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Original Sun Ancon Chi Machine

Special - $450, Chi Machine with free footrest cover & free All Products DVD. Includes our 14 day 100% satisfaction or your money back.

This is the Original Sun Ancon Chi Machine - Model SDM-888. We don't sell the imitations, just the Original!! We offer exceptional customer service and are 24/7 for your questions and assistance. Buy with confidence.

You may Call toll free 877-369-8305 or order the Original Chi Machine Special online.

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 (*Includes free audio CD and Footrest cover. $USD, ship to USA only. For Canada Specials, scroll page down. Shipping $10 within lower 48 states. Alaska & Hawaii, add $65 for shipping)

SoQi Bed treatment for Emallee and El Jefe

We ship right away from our LA warehouse, for USA shipments. Call us for our "Quick Ship Response". We make sure your order is on its way as soon as possible!

As a side note on the term "chi" in chi machine, the energy or power force is called "chi" in Chineses , "ki" iin Japanese, while others interpret it as a "universal energy". The Hebrew creation account gives the life energy as the breath of life being breathed by God into the first human, who then became a living being. This hand of God is holding the life of every creature and the breath of all mankind.

What makes the Original Chi Machine the best? Presice Oscillation - one set speed: The machine has an ankle cradle on the top which oscillates (moves side to side), at approximately 144 cycles/minute - a multiple of the average pulse rate (72) and the cerebrospinal pump rhythm (12) synchronized with your heart rate, blood pressure and spinal alignment - creating a balanced, rhythmic, relaxing wave motion throughout your entire body.

Can you use the Original Sun Ancon Chi Machine with your small Dog? Yes, if you can keep them steady, they will like the oscillation. See our Three Amigos Demonstrate this fact. (Please do not try this at home, they are trainined in the art of Chi Machining.)

Chi Amigos


blessed are we

Blessed are We.... Stay Healthy ... Enjoy Life!


As you surf the web looking for the absolute best deal possible, you found it. Our combination of customer service and support are the best on the internet. Others may talk, but we deliver! We have a toll free number (877-369-8305 ), where you reach us 24 hours a day/ 7 days a week. In fact, we will offer you an additional free gift when you order and you call us, and we are not in the office. You will need to leave a message and mention the "additional Free gift"

Our wellness products will help us be pro-active, instead of re-active!  Stay well and may God bless us all!

Questions? Email us at:, or call toll free: 877-369-8305


Gettn' fishyfeeling good after using the chi machineThe idea behind this unusual aerobic exerciser called the Chi Machine ® was suggested by Dr. Shizuo Inoue, Chairman of Japan's Oxygen Health Association. Dr. Inoue, who has spent decades researching the relationship between oxygen levels in the body and the quality of human health, got his idea by watching goldfish swimming.

Noting how remarkably healthy and well-toned fish are, Dr. Inoue thought that perhaps the steady undulation of the spine causes the fish's whole body to be exercised and oxygenated.

What would be the effect on people, he wondered. If we could move like fish?

The Chi Machine creates the goldfish motionEngineers took his basic concept and designed the Chi Machine. ® "The pattern of motion the machine generates in the human body uses minimum effort and achieves maximum results," says Dr. Inoue. "It improves the basic metabolism of the body, increases our energy, adds flexibility to our lives and improves our attitude. It can also increase our sense of awareness, balancing the mind/body connection."

Since 1990, a million Chi Machines have been sold worldwide, primarily in the Far East. The machine has gained a tremendous reputation for its solid construction and outstanding health benefits. And, unlike many types of exercise equipment, the machine is easy to use, providing excellent results without stress or injury.

Dog house or HotHouse, let your pet decide

Greater than the health & wealth is the personal satisfaction of knowing the Chi Machine and Hot House has helped thousands of people who had tried everything else and our machines were their last resort.

Here is an email we just received about our products from a user in Norway;

Hello John,

Thanks for mail and nice talk. I am really surprised over the effect that I still yet have experienced with the Chi Machine and your HotHouse. I am working as a fysioterapist and the positive result that I have achieved with your equipment till now is very surprising. Because of the good result that I have achieved, I now see that I definitely need 2 more HotHouses and may be more. Would it be possible for you, so soon as possible, to ship me 2 more HotHouses....

With best regards from

Børge Grimstad


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cutomer serviceOrder online, or call a us toll free at (877-369-8305 ) to place your order.

When you place your order, you will find we provide exceptional customer service and go beyond the call to make your experience a nice one. We treat each customer as if they are the only customer.

Have a question? Please call us and one of our able customer service reps will be happy to assist you.

Return Policy

Unhappy with your purchase!, ask us for a return authorization*

You have a 14 days trial period to try the unit. If you are not happy, you may return it for a refund. The refund covers the cost of unit, plus any taxes you paid. It does not include the shipping and handling to get it to you.

You will also be responsible for paying to ship the unit back to the location it was shipped from. We suggest insuring your shipment for the full value.

To return your unit, please call our toll free number 877-369-8305 within 14 days of receiving the unit to aquire a return authorization number (RA#). Units will not be acceoted without a clear RA # on the outside of the box. We will provide the address where to send the unit back.

We also provide a 2 year warranty on the Chi Machine ©.


Blessings of Wellness from our family to yours!