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Only $449 USD
Free audio CD, free footrest cover, you save
$ 100 over the retail price of $549. plus a free box of Total Health Formula!

2 year warranty, 14 day money back guarantee.

Original Sun ANcon Chi Machine

Original Sun Ancon Chi Machine: $449

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Chi Combo Price: $1228

Chi Machine & HotHouse FIR Dome only : $1228


Chi Combo Price: $1328
with Grande Hothouse

Chi Machine & Grande HotHouse FIR Dome only : $1328


Specials for our Canadian Customers.

Allow us to share our secret - Our Wellness Plan includes daily use of the SoQi Bed

We sell only the Original Sun Ancon Chi Machine that includes a 14 day unconditional money back guarantee.

100% satisfaction or your money back.

Shipping Costs for Lower 48 states in USA.
Chi Machine: $15
Reg Hothouse: $25
Gr HotHouse: $35
ePower: $15
Advanced ERE: $15

Please note shipping costs to Hawaii and Alsaka are higher. Please call for a quote.

State Tax will be added to all orders where a state retail tax is charged.

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History of HTE

Hsin Ten Enterprise - HTE -- was formed more than 20 years ago in Taipei, Taiwan from the home of Chairman Gordon C. Pan. He had hopes and dreams of providing a product that would change the lives of those who used it. He also wanted to create an opportunity for people to work from home and provide them with a significant second income capable of growing to a full-time occupation.

In addition, Mr. Pan dreamt of the day when HTE would become a global business with offices around the world distributing products and providing home office support to the independent Distributors of each country.

Along with an incredible product - the Original Chi Machine ® - Mr. Pan credits much of HTE's success to the support of his wife and children as well as several best friends who now bear the title of "co-founders": Long-I Chan, Chuan-Fu Lee, Chih-Tai Chiu, and Jui-Yuan Yen.

As it moves boldly into the new millennium, HTE is pleased to be operating offices in 10 countries:

1 -- Taiwan
2 -- Malaysia
3 -- Hong Kong
4 -- USA
5 -- Thailand
6 -- China
7 -- Australia
8 -- Indonesia
9 -- Canada
10 - Korea

11- Mexico

The HTE worldwide success story is a strong and wonderful prospecting story. Unlike other companies starting in the USA but gaining a global foothold - HTE has become a thriving international enterprise with an ever-growing future.

In fact, HTE's global reach permits you to sell product and enroll Distributors anywhere HTE does business - while still only being required to make your initial, 1-time purchase. With the HTE business opportunity, you can collect commissions and bonuses from sales and recruiting activities taking place all around the world!

The Incredible Original Chi Machine

More than a decade ago, Mr. Pan believed he had discovered a "secret to improving the quality of life, both physically and financially."

What Mr. Pan discovered is that researchers in Japan had learned many years earlier about the therapeutic massage-like qualities of combining special breathing techniques and movement with a traditional meditative, relaxed position. Dr. Shizuo Inoue's work with this practice has merited his beliefs and research being taught to hundreds of thousands of students.

However, often many people in today's society are too busy to spend the time for what may seem like tedious breathing, meditative practices, or simply an overall exercise regime. Understanding this, Dr. Inoue's goal was to make the same therapeutic benefits available to busy, working people … people who seemingly did not have the time to improve their health.

The Goldfish Motion

Dr. Inoue and other researchers worked to develop an easy-to-carry device capable of duplicating a gentle "figure 8", fishlike motion to provide humans with a gentle massage.

According to what now has become legend in the industry, one day Dr. Inoue observed a goldfish swimming freely - yet not even moving forward - a relaxed form of oxygenation. Technically, fish oxygenation occurs by combining rhythmic muscle contractions with stimulation of the autonomic nerves in the spinal column. This oxygenation method applies to four-legged animals as well as modern man. Upon further study, it was found that a particular rate of oscillation and a well-defined range of motion must be obtained for optimal oxygenation of the human body.

A Japanese medical patent was granted for this particular theory and research. A small, portable machine -- about the size of a typewriter - gradually evolved from the research. Dr. Inoue, combined with his more than 38 years of experience, expertise and significant clinical research on a large body of human subjects, created a unique product with narrowly defined specifications across product features such as machine height, speed, degree of side-to-side movement, angle of the movement, as well as the resulting fish-like movement of the entire body.

Thus, the Original Chi Machine® was developed. Mr. Pan is the first and only businessman to distribute the product worldwide based on exclusive distribution rights through the manufacturer. The Original Chi Machine ® boasts multiple patents.

Along with The Original Chi Machine ®, HTE has created other unique health and wellness products, highlighted by the HotHouse™ Health Builder. The HTE product line is rounded out by several exceptional nutritional products designed to enhance and support the results of The Original Chi Machine ® and Hothouse™!

Note: Some of the information in the HTE Story and Overview was extracted from "Aerobic Respiration Exercise and Health" by Dr. Shizuo Inoue. The book is available from HTE and is recommended reading for HTE Distributors.


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