Technical Details

The Original Sun Ancon Chi Machine Specifications:

Size: 10.5" x 13.5" x 8.25"
Weight: 15.5lb

Presice Oscillation - one set speed: The machine has an ankle cradle on the top which oscillates (moves side to side), at approximately 144/minute - a multiple of the average pulse rate (72) and the cerebrospinal pump rhythm (12) synchronized with your heart rate, blood pressure and spinal alignment - creating a balanced, rhythmic, relaxing wave motion throughout your entire body, thereby enhancing oxygenation and more effectivly reaching cell and tissue via blood circulation, thus enhancing your metabolic rate, aiding detoxification via the lymphatic system, and aligning your spine.


Doctors Comments;

Dr. Robert Groves, DD, ThD, ND Diplomate
Lymphatics, Energy, Chronic Conditions, Physician
I originally purchased this machine to see if it would do all that it claims. It did. I have advanced training in the Dr. Vodder Manual Lymphatic Technique, Chagnon Lymphatic Work, Chapman reflex lymphatics and traditional lymphatic drainage in addition to over twenty other forms of therapy and 25 years of private practice.
This machine can effectively increase circulation and drainage of lymph fluid (edema) in fifteen minutes as can manually be performed in about an hour. As a physician, this saves me a tremendous amount of time to serve other patients. It relieves many musculoskeletal symptoms of chronic pain and unstable joints due to interstitial congestion, soft and osseous adhesions, and toxification.
This is a great help to any Naturopathic, Osteopathic or Chiropractic physician in their work as well as physical therapists, massage therapists, or anyone practicing the manipulative arts.
I have studied the effects of oxygen therapies for several years and have had reservations with some of the forms of application in expense, side effects and access for most patients. The Sun aerobic exerciser eliminates the restrictions of high expense, most toxic side effects, and access to the procedure by allowing affordable purchase.
It provides a daily conditioning of the respiratory system resulting in increased oxygen intake by the blood and utilization by the tissues. It has shown helpful for most all musculoskeletal conditions, respiratory conditions, and infections. Any disease condition will be aided with this machine that responds favorably to increased oxygen in the tissues including cancer, fibromyalgia, etc.
I have found that most clients will use this machine on a regular basis providing them with aerobic conditioning and no impact trauma damage to the joints, or stress to the heart and circulatory vessels. This provides a toning of all muscles, rise in metabolism facilitating weight loss and reshaping of the body.
I have increased my efficiency at work by 30% and reduced my need for sleep to about six hours from resting on the machine only 15 minutes every other day. I also have had several growths drop off my body with no return. One of these growths has been there for forty years!
With warm regards,
- Dr. Robert Groves

Dr. John M. Buckler, DC
Lymphatics, Chronic Fatigue, Multiple Chemical Sensitivities, Chiropractors
Lynn & I wanted to drop you a line to let you know just how much we appreciate our Chi Machine. Lynn is now up to 6 minutes 2 times a day. She is enjoying an increase in range of motion as well as improved energy throughout the day.
Being Doctors of Chiropractic, we have spent many thousands of dollars researching health related equipment. The Chi Machine qualifies as one of the most important modalities that we have tested over the past 10 years.
In our opinions, the reason for this is that it mobilizes the lymphatic drainage of the body. This is critically important as Dr. Gaston Naessens from France has shown that in cancer and other chronic degenerative illnesses, the lymphatic system becomes all clogged up, like gelatin instead of freely flowing.
Given our training in Applied Kinesiology and my current disability of 5 years from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Multiple Chemical Sensitivities and Immune Dysfunction secondary to chemical injury, we have been acutely aware of my need for improved lymphatic function. In fact, Lynn and I were spending about I hour a day using AK methods and a modification of the Vodder massage technique from Europe just to keep my lymphatic drainage working.
Since the arrival of the Chi Machine, I have been using it I 1/2 minutes one to two times a day. Amazingly, during this time, my lymphatic drainage has continued to work with no other treatment by Lynn or myself. That is truly incredible! Needless to say, I have been thinking and feeling better.
Thank you again for introducing us to the Chi Machine. It has already been a major contributing factor to our health and well being.
- John M. Buckler, DC

Dr. David Morris, DC
Range of Motion, Chronic Pain, Aura Photography, Chiropractor
I’d like to share my personal experiences as well as some clinical applications with the “Chi Machine” over the last few months. When I first started using the “Chi Machine” I was suffering from an acute right tennis elbow.
The pain in my right elbow made it very difficult to lift moderately heavy objects, and made it necessary to wear a support on my right forearm. After twelve days of using the “Chi Machine” twice daily for 10 minutes a session, I played three sets of tennis without wearing my forearm support.
At the conclusion of the match I realized that I had played two hours of tennis without the forearm support. This would have been impossible prior to using the “Chi Machine“. Needless to say, I was delighted with the reduced irritation that had been apparent in my right elbow.
My wife also had begun to use the “Chi Machine” at the same time I did. She had been bothered with a restricted range of motion in her left hip for over 50 years. During this time she had never been able to cross her left leg over and rest it on her right thigh and observe the sole of her left foot.
After approximately 15 sessions on the “Chi Machine” she found that she was able to perform the maneuver of crossing her left leg over on her right thigh and actually observe the sole of her left foot. Prior to the “Chi Machine” she had indulged in yoga, had chiropractic adjustments and did a variety of stretching exercises, all to no avail.
A patient that had been in a serious automobile accident ten years prior, had experienced a 45% reduction in his cervical range of motion. I placed him on the “Chi Machine” for 5 minutes to see how he would respond. After 5 minutes on the machine he was able to move his head to a greater degree than he had in 10 years. He was very impressed with his increased range of motion and relaxed sensation he had in his cervical area.
The 89 year old wife of my ex associate, had fallen down a flight of stairs and had fortunately not fractured any bones, but experienced severe pain in both shoulders and upper thoracic spine. After 6 months she was still experiencing chronic pain and could not find any relief until she tried the “Chi Machine“.
The first session of 5 minutes on the “Chi Machine” she felt 80% reduction of pain she had been experiencing in her shoulders and thoracic spine. She now owns her own “Chi Machine” and uses it on a regular basis. In my brief experience with the “Chi Machine” the results with a variety of conditions has been very remarkable.
I have been particularly impressed with the rapid response of chronic conditions when the “Chi Machine” is used on a regular daily basis to change and impact the bodies physiological and neurological functions.
All the best,
- David Morris., DC