BetaLoe Nice Things to Know About BetaLoe

By Jennifer Ross, Marketing Manager, HTE Canada

Today, doctors rely on antibiotics to fight bacterial infections. However, these invaders are rapidly becoming resistant to such medications, making antibiotics ineffective. Thus, it is important to maintain a healthy immune system to prevent parasites from spreading in the body. Beta 1,3-glucan has been shown to act as a protective agent against anthrax infection and to significantly reduce the growth of cancer cells in mice. An immune supplement containing beta 1,3-glucan, such as BetaLoeTM, is a safe and natural way to support your white blood cells and to maintain a healthy immune response.

so dramatically, that they seek out and destroy the anthrax spore when it is opening (this is when it is most vulnerable). Thus, the anthrax bacteria do not have a chance to produce their toxins before they are engulfed by the macrophages. If beta 1,3-glucan can protect the immune system from anthrax, one of the most indestructible bacteria, just imagine what it can do against the common cold! In this same study, Vetvicka and his colleagues (2002) also investigated the effect of beta 1,3-glucan on tumor growth in mice. Tumor cells were injected into the abdomen of young mice. Half of these animals received a treatment of beta glucan for 21 days. The other mice served as a “control group” and were treated with water instead. At the end of the 21 days, the tumors were removed and weighed. It was discovered that the tumors originating from mice treated with beta 1,3-glucan weighed, on average 21% less than tumors from mice that only received water. In addition, mice in the control group were observed to be less active and had a lower body temperature than the animals that had received beta 1,3-glucan.

As this study demonstrates, proper function of the immune system is key in preventing mutated cells from multiplying in the body. Unfortunately, other treatments such as radiation or chemotherapy that are designed to destroy rapidly reproducing cells can also harm the bone marrow and its ability to produce white blood cells (key components of the immune system). Conversely, previous studies have shown that beta glucans can accelerate the production of blood cells and the recovery of bone marrow after sub lethal and lethal chemotherapy treatments in mice (Blaylock, 2002).

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