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Silvia Vidal Morales, Monterrey, NL

I am 40 years old. My doctor recently gave me an exam and detected severe digestive problems including chronic constipation and gas. My abdomen looked big and my breathing was difficult. I also had pain in my stomach about an hour after eating. I had this problem for nearly 2 years.

I started to use E-Power for half an hour every day. On the fourth day, I expelled a part of a parasite (tapeworm)! The expelled part of this parasite was almost 90 cm. long!

My mood started to change and I started to feel better. The next day, after treatment with the E-Power machine, I didn’t feel any abdominal pain. Since beginning E-Power sessions, not only have I expelled the parasite, but my overall health has improved dramatically.

Oscar España Fuentes, Monterrey, NL

I am 75 years old with no family background related to my current condition. About 6 months ago, I started to feel very tired. The color of my skin turned light yellow, and problems such as bad breath, insomnia, nightmares, and aggressiveness were increasing every day.

I went in for a check-up. The doctors examined me, running numerous tests. One possibility they told me about was cancer of the liver. After all the tests were in, they concluded that I had a “Crisis of Hypoglycemia” (low blood sugar).

I started using E-Power one hour per day, along with the complementary treatment. After using the machine, I started to notice an increase in energy, and the symptoms of hypoglycemia that used to haunt me daily started to diminish. After a month of E-Power sessions, I went back to my doctor. I did not show any signs of hypoglycemia and the test results came back in the normal range.

I’m currently on the same program and monitoring my health closely. At this time my hypoglycemia has disappeared and my overall health is stable.

Oscar Ortiz, Monterrey, N.L.
At the beginning of this year, I got sick with the flu and a throat infection. I used the E-Power for 1 hour in the low mode and 4 hours at medium intensity. By the time I woke up my symptoms had disappeared!

I used the same treatment with my son since he was having the same discomfort I had, and he obtained the same result. It eliminated the symptoms of the flu and throat infection in a very short time for both of us!

Susana Garcia Rojas, Guadalajara, Jal.

I am 60 years old. Twelve (12) years ago I started to have headaches, tiredness, drowsiness, and shakes. For that reason it was necessary to see my doctor, and I was diagnosed with diabetes.

This was a big shock because diabetes is one of those diseases that if you don’t take good care of yourself, it can provoke death.

I started taking medication and stayed on it for 3 years but my blood sugar leveled out at 280. I visited other doctors, but it was always the same. It didn’t matter what diet I was on, my blood sugar remained too high. Other doctors prescribed Insulin. I was treated with the Insulin plus another medication, and was able to achieve a blood sugar level of 140.
Headaches were part of my daily life, and besides that, I started to have pain in my neck. My doctors said it might be a wearing of the bones and they recommended exercise. So, I went to a massage therapist and started to exercise. My headaches started to diminish for about half a year. One day my doctors recommended that I visit a Sports Clinic with specialized personnel.

Dr. Pablo Betancourt, Director of the Cell Rehabilitation Department in Angeles del Carmen Hospital in Guadalajara was the one who recommended the E-Power machine. He put me on the machine for 30 minutes per day Monday through Friday. After a week of sessions, I started to feel bad, developed a terrible headache, and drowsiness. After testing my blood sugar, I was amazed how much it dropped - only 78! This situation never happened to me in the 12 years I had been suffering with this disease. I called Dr. Betancourt and he told me that the discomfort I had that day was due to the detoxification of my body. He asked me to stop taking insulin and only take the other medication, and to keep monitoring my blood sugar levels everyday.

Truly, E-Power is marvelous! Since that day my blood sugar levels have been between 110 and 120. I now have more energy, which makes my daily labors easy, I have a better quality of life, and most importantly, more will to live!
For this reason, I address my testimonial to those people in the same condition as I was in. I suffered many long years with this terrible disease. I’m currently taking medication, but Dr. Betancourt encourages me to use the E-Power everyday. Therefore, if God wants, in a little time, I could stop taking the medication. I thank God for leading me to E-Power which in a very short time lowered my blood sugar, eliminating the discomforts and headaches.

Fernando Estrada, Monterrey, N.L.

During the last 3 years I suffered with astigmatism, preventing me from reading up close. I only saw specks. Approximately 3 months ago somebody recommended HTE products. I started to use the E-Power for 30 minutes every day, and it helped me a lot. I can now distinguish letters. I’m tremendously satisfied with what this product has done for my health.

I’m also very happy because for years I tried other alternatives and I was resigned to use glasses my whole life; but now, with the continuous use of this equipment, I stopped wearing glasses.

Jose Luis Cortez , Saltillo, Coah.

I had been suffering with diabetes for a while. Not long ago, I met Dr. Rogelio Vargas and talked to him about HTE’s equipment, including the E-Power. He was skeptical and, on my insistence, he challenged me! He suggested we do a blood test and if the results were favorable, he would buy an E-Power from me.

After doing the test and seeing the results, he was surprised with the results. My blood sugar levels dropped without the use of drugs! I use the E-Power for 30 minutes everyday and continue to see my health improve – along with a head of healthy hair! E-Power? Maybe!

Francisco Benavides Garza, Monterrey, NL

I am 68 years old and for a long time I suffered from pains in my whole body: arms, waist, neck, legs, and (especially) my right knee, which was very swollen and red. I also had numbness in the plant of my foot. I took a lot of pills for the pain, and I didn’t want to keep taking them.  I noticed that I was retaining fluids and it appeared that I had gained weight as well.

I began to check out alternatives with faith in finding relief. And, soon after being introduced to and trying HTE’s amazing equipment, my life changed! Since October 15, 2007 I’ve used their equipment every day - the ERE for 15 minutes, the Chi Machine for 5 minutes, the EPower for 15 minutes and the HotHouse for 30 minutes.

After the third session, I started to urinate more. I calculated that for the fourth session I urinated an average of 15 liters! My water retention and my bulging stomach have been greatly reduced thanks to HTE’s life changing equipment!

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How’s the E-Power makes a difference?

Deanna: I saw results after using the E-Power for just 15 min. my first time.  My kidney got a jump start. Urine smell & color cleans up. Stomach digestion improves. Elimination process regulated. I feel more refreshed in the morning. My brainpower is increased & ability to comprehend is clearer. Recall is improved. Circulation is increased and swelling is decreased in my legs. Blood sugar drops 20 pts. Improving insulin absorption.

Martha: Bowel elimination is good now, the e-power is a moving experience.

Alan:  When driving the road looks like watching a big screen TV because he is so alert, he is powered by E-Power.

Jodie:  Lost 12 ½ inches and 8 lbs the first month.

Barbara:  Hearth arrhythmia is balanced after the first use.

Marilee:  After first use she could sit & stand without pain first time in 10 years, plus help her bipolar and emotional well-being is balanced.

Jim:  Had cancer on his arm and using all HTE equipment and e-power daily; with good diet was cancer free in 2 weeks.

Neil:  Blood pressure drops 20 pts. In 15 minutes.

ePower Medical Community Testimonials