March Special

Only $480 USD
Free footrest cover and DVD.

2 year warranty, 14 day money back guarantee.

Original Sun ANcon Chi Machine

Original Sun Ancon Chi Machine: $480

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Original Sun ANcon Chi Machine

Original Sun Ancon Chi Machine with FIR Pad: $599

Get a FIR Pad, Chi Machine Special Deal. Save another $100 over the retail price.

Specials for our Canadian Customers.

We sell only the Original Sun Ancon Chi Machine that includes a 14 day unconditional money back guarantee.


Shipping Costs for Lower 48 states in USA.
Chi Machine: $25
ePower: $15
Advanced ERE: $15

Please note shipping costs to Hawaii and Alsaka are higher. Please call for a quote.

State Tax will be added to all orders where a state retail tax is charged.

Featured on the Doctor's show. Not the imitation, but the OriginalSun Ancon Chi Machine. Watch out for imitations. >> More



Sun Ancon® Chi Machine® (Sun Ancon® Oxygen Exerciser)

$630AU + $ 100 frt
Total $740AU

EURO & UK plug (option of a wider footrest available)

FIR Hothouse® (Far Infrared Ray Hothouse) – includes footrest and armrest parts

$1,345AU+ $ 160frt
Total $ 1,505 AU


EURO plug, UK adaptor provided

FIR Health Waist Support

$145AU + $ 28 frt
Total: $ 173 AU

Sizes: S, M, L, XL

SOQI® Total Health Spa I - includes 1 Chi Machine & 1 Hothouse unit

$1,975AU + $220 frt
Total: $ 2195 AU


SOQI®Total Health Spa II - 1 Chi Machine & 2 Hothouse units

$3,320AU + $340 frt
Total: $ 3660 AU


SOQI® Total Health Spa III - includes 1 Chi Machine & 3 Hothouse units

$4,665 AU + $410 frt
Total: $5075 AU



Sun Ancon® Chi Machine® Carry Bag

$50AU + $35 frt
Total: $85 AU


High quality, sturdy, storage bag

FIR Hot House Carry Bag

$60AU + $ 50 frt
Total: $110 AU

High quality, sturdy, storage bag


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