The SoQi-Bed - The ultimate solution for your Wellness Program
soqi bed

We have some great news! Sales have more than doubled in Asia over the last few months by continuing to focus on a new concept - total health. Following a total health revolution, Asians have accepted the total health concept and now they're realizing the benefits. The photos show how they've taken this concept to a new level with an innovative and luxurious Total Health Spa. If you're interested in seeing more photos, email us. Also, the SoQi Bed is on sale and we have a call in special. Call us toll free 877-369-8305 and mention you would like a discount on our white glove service.

HTE agrees with the familiar cliche "If you're going to take the time to do something, do it right." For example, it wouldn't be worthwhile to wash a car on the driver's side only; put nails in one side of a house; or warm just one part of the body! We believe in doing it right and that means treating the whole body to a Total Health Spa.

The Total Health Spa is the best way to cleanse and improve bodily functions! A new 4-page, 4-color Total Health Spa(TM) brochure will be available in August detailing all the features and benefits.

Total Health Management with HTE - SOQI - Total Health Management is your solution to a healthier lifestyle. Through using a combination of HTE products, one can achieve the right balance of elements and energies our bodies need to be at their best. In the following article, you will discover how each of our products works to bring you back to health.

According to ancient Eastern beliefs, we are all born with original energy. This energy is called QI ("KI"), or Chi. Chi is the driving force of energy for all of the processes in the body. Even as you are reading this article, your Chi is enabling you to function. It is allowing your heart to pump blood throughout your body, your digestive system to absorb the nutrients from your last meal, and even your eyes to move across this page. Without sufficient Chi, your entire body is unable to carry out its normal functions- processes begin to breakdown leaving us vulnerable to the effects of invaders and toxins.

As you can see, it is essential to supply the body with a continuous source of Chi to maintain health – but how? By maintaining a regular exercise routine, eating a balanced diet, and avoiding harsh chemical toxins –easier said than done! Many of us are either too busy or too tired to devote so much time to a health regime. HTE’s entire product line was developed to work in harmony as a unit. These products balance the body’s energies of motion (The Chi Machine), heat (HotHouse) and nutrition (Nutritional supplements). This naturalistic approach is extremely powerful because it enhances your particular body’s strengths while providing the energy to heal weak areas.

With its gentle, lateral movement, The Chi Machine uses the energy of motion to stimulate the body like an affective massage.